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Spas Computers offers businesses the guaranteed and certified destruction of these data. With our experienced technicians to our state-of-the-art facilities and latest technologies, we are ready to handle any of your Data Destruction needs. After data destruction process we will provide destruction certificate so you can be 100% sure that your data has been securely processed. As an environmental company and ITAD service provider, we can also promise the environmentally-friendly processing of the devices. With our secure data destruction services, you benefit from a comprehensive, convenient, compliant and sustainable data destruction program.

Secure Data Destruction Services In India

What is data destruction?

Data destruction is an important part of the data lifecycle and verifying in-house data erasure processes adds security when reusing or disposing of end of life media. Secure data destruction involves the complete obliteration of data, far beyond simply pressing the delete key or emptying the trash.

Data destruction refers to the process of various data destruction methods like degaussing, shredding and data wiping of data storage devices such as a hard disk drive, solid-state drive, optical disc, memory card, tape drive, etc. Which means that the data cannot be retrieved or reconstructed using a professional tool or some alternative technique, and the data is gone forever and cannot fall into the wrong hands. This process is done following the end of a device’s lifecycle, typically before or during disposal.

Why is data destruction important?

Today, every computer, phones, watches, storages devices etc. store tons of information. It might be obvious, but your devices have plenty of personal and sensitive information stored on them that can be harmful in the wrong hands. Failure to secure data destruction leads to heightened vulnerability to identity theft and other things that may put you in harm’s way. For your security and privacy, it’s best to destroy all data on devices you no longer use.

For the sake of data security, customer privacy, and protection of legacy, all large, medium-sized, and even small companies, organizations and corporations should have proper data destruction policy that ensures you stay compliant with laws and policies. It can help protect the private information of your employees and customers.

Methods Used for Secure Data Destruction

We are largest fully integrated ITAD service provider, electronic waste recycling company and remarketing solutions provider in India ensuring manufacturers, corporates, industries and OEMs compliance with environmental and data security regulations and recover value from your retired assets

Why Choose Spas Computers for Data Destruction Services?

With Spas Computers secure data destruction program, you benefit from a comprehensive, convenient, cost-effective, compliant and sustainable data destruction services that ensure your data is confidentially disposed in line with the international security and confidentiality standards and with a full commitment to the environment. Our engineers have years of experience when it comes to data destruction services. So, you can rely upon their expertise to wipe the data off your HDDs once and for all. We offer On-site Data Destruction with Certificates of Destruction.

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We make your IT asset journey safe, secure and environmentally friendly

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We make your IT asset journey safe, secure and environmentally friendly

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We make your IT asset journey safe, secure and environmentally friendly

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We make your IT asset journey safe, secure and environmentally friendly

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Our data destruction programs are tailored specific to your requirements and can be utilised onsite, offsite or one-time shredding. To Know More Request a Call Now!