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Our Company is dedicated to provide the best quality refurbished computers and technology in affordable prices to communities all around the country. As we are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we are able to offer high quality laptops, desktop, servers and workstation with the genuine software in cheapest rates. We are now grown to become one of the India’s largest bulk refurbished computer dealer and used laptop wholesale supplier, we are constantly increasing our consumer base from all the segments like individuals, businesses, offices, schools and other organizations and also improving our refurbishing process to achieve high customer satisfaction. Our refurbished products are of the highest standard, all come packaged as new and with warranty. You can visit our company, give us a call, or order online if you want.

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What is Refurbished?

Here we are going to define everything about refurbished products when it comes to computers.

Refurbished definition

What is Refurbished Computer?

A refurbished computer means that it has been renewed, repaired, or reconditioned and restored like new condition by the manufacturer or a refurbishment center. When an old, used, and either returned as used or returned as faulty products comes they undergo diagnostic testing and any necessary repairs is done by specialists to ensure the quality level of the product as well as its condition after refurbishment. Then the Refurbished products get a thorough clean and is repackaged for resale at lower prices than brand new model units.

refurbished product sources

From where the refurbished products sourced?

Sources from where electronics such as laptops, desktops, servers, computers etc. are retrieved for refurbishment.

  • Through Ecommerce companies
  • Through ITAD
  • Through Retailers
  • Through Individuals
  • Through IT Recycling companies
Refurbished Computer Online Store

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Computer Refurbishing Process

Following steps are taken to ensure a high quality and performance of product at the end of the refurbished process.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Computers
  • Affordable prices on high-quality technology products
  • Increased efficiency as all products are tested to work efficiently
  • Free Configure-to-Order service available as per requirements
  • Easy upgradation of hardware for a fraction of new costs
  • Immediately available stock no waiting times
  • Lower RMA rates than the manufacturer
  • Reduced environmental impact as all devices are refurbished and reused
  • Certified pre-owned hardware with support and warranty
Where To Buy Refurbished computers?
Why Buy From Spas Computers Pvt Ltd?

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd is a leading India’s reseller of used and refurbished computers since 2010. We have an extensive range of refurbished products like Desktops, Laptops, servers, All-In-One and Monitors and multiple brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Asus etc. to suit your needs whether it is for business, student, home or even gaming use all at the lowest prices.

All of our refurbished computers are fully tested and verified by our highly trained engineers, and are sold with warranty for your peace of mind. We offer used and refurbished computers in retail, online, wholesale in affordable prices and the best value on the market. Check out our range of refurbished products online or come into our Mumbai warehouse to get a great deal on products.

High-performance products with lowest prices

Buy latest technology refurbished laptops in lowest prices.

Commitment to quality and customer service

Commitment to quality and customer services.

Decreasing the world’s carbon footprint

Environmental sustainability is always at our forefront

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Genuine Products
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