IT Asset decommissioning and Redeployment Services for Businesses

Spas Computers Pvt Ltd is a leading IT asset decommissioning & redeployment full-service provider company headquartered in Mumbai, India with 5000 sqft certified facility. IT asset decommissioning and redeployment requires a detailed plan that covers fast turnaround, coordinated effort by dismantlers, compliance with State and Central pollution control rules and regulations for recycling of old IT equipment and recovery of retired IT asset value through known channels.

A well-designed Asset Lifecycle Management plan by Spas Computers will establish how your business purchases, deploys, maintains, and decommissions its technology, and IT equipment. We will provide the best and most cost-effective disposition options, retain for redeployment, re-marketing, liquidation or disposal. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of electronic waste by refurbishing outdated electronics for redeployment and resale, and recycling items that cannot be salvaged.

IT Asset Decommissioning - Spas Computers
Asset Tracking And Checking - Spas Computers

Asset tracking and checking

Data Erasure And Recycling Certificates - Spas Computers

Data Erasure and Recycling Certificates

Generate Value From Old Equipment

Generate value from old equipment

Refurbishment To The Highest standard

Refurbishment to the highest standards

End-To-End Project Management - Spas Computers

End-to-end project management

IT Asset decommissioning and Redeployment Services

IT Asset Decommissioning & Redeployment services are designed to help you remove old assets from your establishments in an efficient and secure manner and ease the process of acquiring and installing new hardware. Our focus is sustainability, the environment, and data security. This helps us safeguard and enhance your brand equity. Combined with our decommissioning services, you won’t find a simpler option for deploying new assets. This process includes services as below:

A complete end-to-end solution for redundant IT

With over 13 years of experience, Spas Computers helps clients strategically manage the lifecycle of their IT assets. We will organize the entire process so that its completed as efficiently as possible.


Our experienced staff are well trained in recovering all types of IT equipment and transporting them safely and securely for processing at one of our strategically located regional processing centres. This regional logistics network enables us to deliver effective point to point, same day logistics.  

Refurbish & Redeploy

We can help with the refurbishment and redeployment of your IT assets, whether you wish to sell back to employees or use our knowledge and expertise to sell back into the open market for a fixed figure or on a profit share scheme.


Trade-in your redundant IT assets against newer products is a scheme we have employed for many years, especially useful when budgets has been slashed but you need to keep up-to-date with regular software update and/or increased production.


With our local e-waste recycling centres which are all certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards we can offfer a recycling services for products which no longer have a value in the used marketplace.

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With 13 years in the business, we’ve helped many companies like yours successfully and securely to decommission and redeployment of their IT assets.